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3 Roadblocks to Fully Scalable Intelligent Automation

Applying automation in a piecemeal approach makes scaling across the enterprise a challenge.

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Scoot Flies High With AntWorks' CMR

AntWorks’ solution enables low-cost carrier to automate invoice processing, drive digital transformation and ensure a customer-first approach.

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Everest Group Research: Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook

Organisations deal with multiple types and volumes of data and more than 80-85% of it is in unstructured or semi-structured format.

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Capture Cursive Handwriting Using Fractal Science

In the era of data deluge, efficient data curation is a persistent challenge across organizations.

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Global Mortgage Provider Generates Reports 90% Faster

This leading mortgage provider uses ANTStein SQUARE to achieve 100% improvement in turnaround time for complex documents.

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Mercer improves accuracy by 40 percent

Leading HR firm Mercer uses Antworks solutions to generate quotes 70% faster with 100% compliance.

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Big 4 Auditing Firm Generates Faster Tax Reports

How did a Big 4 auditor use CMR to reduce tax computation turn-around time from 2 hours to just 30 minutes and get a 360-degree view of data . . .

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How to Choose an Intelligent Document Processing Solution

What are the core capabilities of an enterprise-grade Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution?

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City Union Bank Reduces Onboarding Time from 8 days to 1 hour

One of India’s largest public sector banking and financial services companies, City Union Bank was growing fast and needed to speed up their customer verification. . .

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Analyst Report Primer: Scaling Intelligent Automation

Get up to speed on intelligent automation terminology and stats in this one-page primer.

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HFS Research Report:

Enterprises plan to invest significant budget, leadership efforts and resources for intelligent automation.

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