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CMR+: Making Light Work of Finance Documents

The content recognition ability, in terms of giving us only the data that we need and nothing else, is pretty good. I would rate it a 9/10 in that regard. It has a positive effect on or efficiency and by extension, it impacts our infrastructure costs.

CMR+ Thrives on Volume and Complexity of Data

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Our client Outcomes

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Global Bank Achieves 100%
Compliance For Trade Finance

A global bank was finding accuracy and compliance challenging as it tried to capture 300 different data points from unstructured documents. AntWorks delivered a 75% boost to business efficiency and 80% to accuracy.

Meet AntWorks' Global Finance Team

Drew Scarano

Head of Global Banking
and Finance Practice

Drew Scarano is Head of AntWorks’ global banking and financial services practice. Drew has worked with some of the biggest names in automation including Virtusa and Pegasystems.

Praveen Rajarao

Senior Director

Praveen Rajarao is Senior Director of Projects and Programs. Praveen has more than 20 years experience in enterprise technology.

Banking Sector Resources

The Where and
How of Data
and AI for Banking

Data and the Future of Banking

The banking sector of tomorrow won’t allocate valuable staff time to tasks like document processing. The technology to make that possible is already here.

Transforming Complex Banking Processes with Automation

Banks are turning to automation to help them handle the volume of document processing generated by valuable sources of business like trade finance.

Reshaping Trade Finance Operations with Automation

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