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Solving Challenges in Manufacturing with CMR+

Rick K.

Digital Technology
Leader at Mercer

Using CMR+ creates value-added work for skilled workers. A lot of the manual back and forth, such as emailing Excel files and PDFs, is now gone… leaving more time for employees to tackle jobs that demand more skill.

Our client Outcomes



Manufacturer Saves 4,000 Invoicing Hours Each Year

A manufacturer processes invoices in thousands of different formats manually resulting in poor accuracy and efficiency. With AntWorks help it achieved a 79% conversion accuracy rate, cut exception handling, reduced labour by 4,000 hours and increased business processing efficiency.

Meet AntWorks' Global Insurance Team

Drew Scarano

VP North America

Drew Scarano is Head of AntWorks’ global banking and financial services practice. Drew has worked with some of the biggest names in automation including Virtusa and Pegasystems

Neil White

VP UK & Europe, AntWorks

Neil White is Head of AntWorks global insurance practice. Neil has 25 years’ experience of matching businesses wth the technology they need.

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A Journey in Data

Manufacturing, retail and SC executives rely on good data to make the decisions that determine business success or failure. CMR+ processes your data faster and more accurately so your best people can make the best calls.

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