Meet The AntWorks Team In Milan, Italy.

Join Mike Hobday, AntWorks’ CEO & colleagues as they join other Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation leaders in Milan for RPA Italy, 29-30 September 2021.


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AntWorks named a Leader

for the third year in a row

In Everest Group’s IDP PEAK Matrix® 2021

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2021 Release

A step-by-step guide for enterprises to sharpen their automation efforts by selecting the best fit IDP program

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One Platform
Endless Possibilities

Simply Different

Integrated artificial intelligence and intelligent automation solutions from AntWorks powered by fractal science.

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Meet The AntWorks Team In Milan, Italy.
AntWorks named a Leader in Everest Group’s IDP Products PEAK Matrix® 2021 SLIDER
IDP-Playbook-2021-Home-Page- Slider-AntWorks-Automation
One Platform Endless Possibilities AntWorks RPA

Scale Processes, not Tasks

Simply Easier

Data Digitisation and Curation

Understands and curates all types of data – including image-based and hand-written.

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Intelligent Digital Workforce Management

Intelligent Digital Workforce Management drives your digital workforce efficiently.

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Enterprise AI and Machine Learning

Get accurate insights through AI solution that learns completely independently.

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Created with science

Made for business

Simply intelligent.



Powered by
Fractal Science

Fractal Networks require minimal data sets to train and lighten hardware infrastructure delivering accuracy and performance.

How ANTstein TM Works

not Task Automation

Traditional RPA is only able to automate tasks. ANTstein moves beyond to provide true process automation.

How ANTsteinTM Works

Built for
Business Users

Combine and scale human and digital workforce within an integrated platform that transforms the way you do business.

How ANTstein TM Works

Single Platform.

Total Integration.

Simply More.


Automation is easy to implement in a codeless / low code environment, easier for business users, and ROI is generated faster.


Digitise and curate all data types giving access to automate and scale complex processes.


Fractal science enables faster data ingestion, failover technology assures digital workforce performance.

400+ Intelligent Automation Use Cases to Revolutionise Your Business

The automation possibilities with our platform are never-ending. Just like the fractal patterns that ANTstein’s engine is built on.

Finance and Accounting

Faster reconciliation and more accurate reporting. Just two of the many F&A processes under pressure to drive efficiency and compliance.

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Information Technology

Discover how IT teams implement automation to remove manual tasks and improve system diagnostics and fault remediation.

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Sales & Marketing

From lead management to building customer relationships. Integrated automation accelerates and bolsters critical front-end functions.

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Learn how managing and reconciling inventory across multiple systems is easier with an integrated automation platform

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Supply Chain

From inventory management to shipping and distribution. See how automation transforms operational process to improve supply chain workflows

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Human Resources

Human resources department are at the center of business demands and the employee experience and challenged to deliver on both fronts while dealing accelerating change and fewer resources

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Discover how organisations use integrated automation to extract, digitise, validate information and distribute across business process workflows.

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Contact Center

Learn how leading contact centers utilise automation to handle customer queries faster and more efficiently while improving customer satisfaction.

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Customer Success

Automatically capture signed customer contracts, assign or remove customer credentials, reducing the overall amount of time onboarding and offboarding takes.

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Vendor Management, Compliance and Legal

Capture contracts, verify data points, provide a comprehensive assessment, and deliver the precise data you need to manage contracts administration with an integrated automation platform.

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Banking & Financial Services

Learn how leading banks increase profitability and reduce risk through automating front to back office processes.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

See how the smartest organisations experience straight-through processing for intake, coverage decisions and administration.

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Transportation and Logistics

Get real-time data acquisition and monitor pricing and scheduling with process automation that drives growth.

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From managing procurement, inventory, payments and reducing costs, manufacturers look to automation to improve agility while streamlining operations.

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Discover how top insurance organisations automate claims handling to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Public sector organisations manually process large volumes of data and documents as they handle citizen provisioning requests.

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Integrated automation is now a core requirement for outsourcing organisations to grow their business and retain employees.

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Discover how retailers rely on integrated automation to manage inventory and boost customer engagement.

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Communications service providers automate processes end-to-end to boost efficiency. Expand field operations and improve customer service

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Energy and Utilities

Leverage automation to shorten turnaround times, manage high-volume transactions and improve customer experience.

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Learning institutions conquer the document deluge and maintain compliance with integrated automation.

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Travel and Hospitality

Handle customer booking questions, provide accurate booking directions, upsell rooms and provide promotional offers faster.

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Real Estate

Discover how mortgage companies automate applications, verify information and maximise profitability.

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Food and Beverage

Streamline order management and service/product changes for customers and suppliers

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What Analysts
Are Saying

Companies have seen the light of automation. They are automating more and more parts of their processes. These require different kinds of technologies, and AntWorks’ ANTstein brings key advanced and intelligent technologies together in one platform."

-- Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President, Distinguished Analyst at Everest Group

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AntWorks Partner Programme

We believe in quality not quantity when it comes to partners. AntWorks forges strong, deep and lasting relationships with select, key partners for each market to ensure we deliver the very best solutions and experiences for our customers.

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What’s New

451 Research: AntWorks to focus Automation, RPA and AI Technologies on IDP

CMR Plus will be AntWorks’ new flagship and a new version update is due in late Q2 or early Q3 of this year. Download

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Welcoming our new Chief Operating Officer

AntWorks welcomes on board its new Chief Operating Officer R. Guha who

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The Learning Hub

Investing in AntWorks software is just the start of your automation journey. We promise an exceptional learning experience, with a wide range of courses available for every skill level that are both engaging and informative.

ANTstein Essentials

Discover how ANTstein curates end-to-end process automation with analytics.

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QueenBOT essentials

Learn how to build, operate and manage your digital workforce effectively.

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CMR Essentials

Conquer challenges of digitising data, discover how CMR expands the automation scope.

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