If CMR+ Unlocked The Data In All Your Documents... What Could It Do For Your Enterprise?

Get deeper insights, know your customers better, manage risk, create new products, be more productive, gain competitive advantage.
Grow your business.


Superior Data Extraction

Extracts valuable data accurately at the point of capture.

Machine Learning

Simple to train. Quick to learn. Easy to use. Only small data sets required.

Any Document Format

Any Document Format

CMR+ doesn’t use templating. It reads, understands and organises data from handwriting, tables, signatures, images, however they arrive.

Accuracy at Scale

Millions of documents?
No problem. CMR+ combines speed with accuracy, pre-processing poor quality documents for great results.

Intelligent Document Classification

CMR+ manages complexity. Its use of Machine Learning and Deep Learning allows it to ‘understand’ context.

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See CMR+ In Action

CMR+ represents a major advance in Intelligent Document Processing. It’s designed and built to handle almost any document. Watch now.

Built to Manage Volume, Variety & Complexity

CMR+ uses cutting-edge, proprietary AI including Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, and Machine Learning (ML) and also includes sentiment analysis, named-entity correlation and post-processing.


Access CMR+ securely on-premise, as SaaS via APIs or through a web-based platform.

The CMR Process

Input Sources & Document Types

  • Auto Ingestion
  • Image
  • Jpeg, TIFF, PDF
  • MS Word
  • RPA
  • DMS

Document Optimisation & Indexing

  • Noise Reduction
  • Orientation/Skew Correction
  • Background suppression
  • Classification & Indexing


  • Structured
  • Un-structured
  • Natural Language
  • Handwritten


  • Business Rules
  • Look ups
  • API

Human in the Loop

  • Verification
  • Training
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Machine Learning

Reports & Analytics

Workflow Management

Queue, exeption
& approval management


Data Transport & Mobilisation

RPA, APIs & Micro-services


Client Systems

Digital Transformation by Industry

See It For Yourself

Don’t take our word for it. Nothing beats a demo tailored to your business needs.