Enterprise Scale IDP for Unstructured Documents Now Available in Pega Cloud

Leverage AntWorks’ best-in-class IDP capabilities
within your current Pega environment

Enterprise Scalability

Effortlessly scale across use cases and LOBs without complexity
Leverage the intuitive platform for seamless implementation and widespread acceptance, enabling you to effortlessly scale to a multitude of use cases across Lines of Business. Embrace growth without the burden of additional complexities, ensuring your enterprise reaches peak efficiencies

Low-Code No-Code

Drag-and-Drop AntWorks
into your existing Pega workflow

Supercharge your Pega workflow with AntWorks’ smart shape. Seamlessly integrate industry-leading Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities into your existing processes. Achieve end-to-end automation, manage work effortlessly, and maximize your Pega potential. Let’s make it happen.

Unlocked abilities

Two platforms,

Unlimited potential

Enhance your Pega investment with AntWorks. Unify automation, NLP, and IDP for scaling processes and seamless experiences across channels. Take the next step in driving high volumes and real-time AI.

End-to-end automation

Smash silos with powerful automation

Transform data capture interactions with AntWorks’ IDP and Pega’s automation workflows. Say goodbye to labor-intensive, error-prone tasks. Adapt to your business documents with ease. Get your data fast and achieve enterprise-wide automation in weeks.

Centralized Decisioning

Eliminate decisioning gaps
Deliver end-to-end journeys

Fill the gaps in your data and document journeys beyond Pega’s deployments. Integrate AntWorks’ centralized QC with your existing Pega setup for complete data control across processes and apps.

AntWorks CMR+ Integrated with Pega Dev Studio

AntWorks CMR+ is now natively integrated and available within the Pega Dev Studio as one of the easy drag-and-drop Automation smart shapes. This integration brings the power of AntWorks CMR+ Intelligent Document Processing capabilities to any Pega use case quickly and easily, thus enabling a citizen developer to speed the automation and/ or workflow orchestration programs.

Chris Healy

Director, Solutions Consulting

“AntWorks CMR+ solution, can seamlessly process multiple document types and use-cases while extending our emailbot capabilities. They work seamlessly with Pega OOTB, and have successfully deployed in diverse industries.”

Useful Resources

AntWorks tunes IDP solution for Pega customers

For the most effective business outcomes, you need solutions tailored to your specific business environment. AntWorks has tuned its human-emulating intelligent document processing (IDP) solution to benefit Pega customers. AntWorks’ cognitive machine learning (ML) IDP solution, CMR+ is now available on the Pega Marketplace.

Going the low-code road

Low-code; it’s the rage. Why? I’d argue that low-code is less an evolution and more a revolution in technology …

Press Release - AntWorks CMR+ Now Available On The Pega Marketplace

AntWorks’ technology, including its groundbreaking IDP solution CMR+, is now available on the Pega Marketplace. The Pega Marketplace allows Pega clients to explore a carefully selected range of partner solutions. More than 200 components….

PegaWorld iNspire 2023


You would need to purchase a license for CMR+. Please get in touch with us at enquires@ant.works for a demo/ next steps.

CMR+ is available from Pega v8.1 onwards.

All the learning & training of Machine Learning models are within CMR+.

No. CMR+ enhances the NLP capabilities of Pega’s Email BOT to read image-based unstructured data from attachments. See Demo

Build for Change, with a
Really Intelligent Document Processing Solution.

See how the right IDP platform can close the gaps between business and tech –empowering you to collaborate better, innovate faster and turn your Pega data extraction challenges into wins.