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AntWorks values diversity and inclusivity. We’re not bothered about the packaging, only about what’s inside. Read about how some of our colleagues found their way to us and their experience of working at AntWorks.

Dexter Villota

SVP corporate planning

Dexter Villota

“This is somewhere where you can get hands-on experience… that can really broaden your skills and career,” Dexter Villota SVP corporate planning. Find out about Dexter’s career journey.

Dexter Villota is AntWorks’ Senior Vice President for corporate planning. He grew up in Manila and studied business administration at the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university in Asia, graduating in 2002.

After a year out in the United States Dexter initially joined his family’s HR consulting firm before finding a role in the Philippines’ nascent Business Process Outsourcing sector. He rose rapidly through the ranks in the call centre sector managing part of Dell’s technical support operations before moving on to the US-headquartered financial giant Citigroup. From Citi he joined the India-based global tech firm Infosys, eventually becoming the head of its corporate planning and corporate planning and assurance practice in the Philippines.

Dexter joined the newly launched AntWorks in 2015 as employee number four, VP head of corporate planning, and relocated to Singapore, where AntWorks is headquartered. In the early days it was all hands to the pump and Dexter travelled widely taking on sales roles as well as his core planning responsibilities. As he puts it; “I wore all the hats in the organisation.” His first day with AntWorks was spent flying to the United States to carry out due diligence on a company AntWorks was considering acquiring.

“I travelled the world. I was meeting customers, because we didn’t have many people, so I took on a lot of the sales functions. I knew the product very well and I did my own demos as I didn’t have a sales engineer.”

These days Dexter works closely with AntWorks’ CEO Mike Hobday on both planning and investor relations and he finds the environment as stimulating as when he joined at AntWorks’ inception.

“The message I would like to get across is that people at AntWorks are very dynamic in nature. We know how to do a lot of things. We are self-reliant, we’re self-starters. And we can multitask very well.”

Dexter says AntWorks suits people with an entrepreneurial spirit and who are prepared to take the initiative. While in many larger organisations people often get placed in a role and left there, at AntWorks opportunities for growth, career development and advancement are available to anyone who wants to seize them.

“This is somewhere where you can get hands-on experience, not just with your core responsibilities but in a variety of tasks that can really broaden your skills and career. Anyone who’s willing to roll up their sleeves or burn the midnight oil to get things done then AntWorks could be the perfect home for them.”

When not working Dexter is a keen retail investor and keeps a close eye on companies and markets that interest him. He’s also a bit of a coffee geek and roasts his own. Coffee flows through my veins,” he says. No one who has experienced Dexter’s drive and focus would doubt that for a second.

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