AI-Powered Intelligent Document Processing: Reshaping the Commercial Insurance Industry

Introduction The rapid evolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in handling unstructure...
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Revolutionizing Garnishments and Levy Processes: How AntWorks’ CMR+ Delivers Unprecedented Value

In today's challenging financial landscape, borrowers are facing increased pressure due to factors l...
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Leveraging LLMs to enrich IDP Platforms- the AntWorks approach

It has become quite clichéd in articles around Generative AI to use the technology to write out the...
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AI – Opportunity and Danger

As we entrust machines with more responsibilities, the act of compiling accurate and organized ...
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ISG: AntWorks, A Leader in Intelligent Document Processing

The 2022 Provider Lens report from analysts ISG has just been published and AntWorks is delighted to...
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Four key elements to drive digitisation effectively

In my previous blog about enterprise digitisation I concentrated on two main issues:How digitisation...
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