Setting Expectations With Intelligent Document Processing

A recent meeting with AntWorks’ marketing team reminded me that the various parts of technology co...
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A paperless world isn’t on the horizon. It’s here.

State Street is America’s second oldest, continuously operating bank. It was founded right here in...
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How do you choose ?

Despite all my years of experience in the automation industry, and despite having an inside track o...
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For business, data is the water of the 21st century

Every age has an essential element that drives commerce. In the 19th Century, it was coal, in the 20...
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Mortgage applications – No-Rush, Super-Fast Processing

Mortgage applications – no-rush, super-fast processing

There’s a Latin saying that was a favourite of the Roman emperor Augustus; festina lente. The lite...
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Amazon’s changed the world insurers operate in

Here’s a thought: Amazon has caused more problems for insurers than almost any other company.I...
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