The 2022 Provider Lens report from analysts ISG has just been published and AntWorks is delighted to report that we retain our 2021 leadership position in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

The report, which focuses on intelligent automation, is a bit of an annual event for us. It’s a reality check. When you work in a rapidly advancing field of technology like ours it is important to have external corroboration of the position of our technology and how the market sees us.

This report, released today, assesses the capability of AntWorks CMR+, our IDP solution, and its impact in the Intelligent Document Processing market across geographies, industries, and clients.

We’re proud to have been recognised as a leader in the US market and a challenger in the UK, Germany, the Nordics and Brazil. In short, ISG’s assessment is that our technology is at the leading edge and we are making a significant impact, especially in the US where, not surprisingly, we are seeing most demand and growth.

It’s also important to note that between 2021 and 2022 CMR+ has been through a substantial rewrite.  Now microservices and cloud enabled for PaaS and SaaS services, it has all of the Low-Code/No-Code features that enable business users and developers to configure CMR+ to emulate how they get a document in focus, recognise what it is, extract and transform its valuable data to feed systems of record and trigger transactions with customers and suppliers at enterprise scale.

This external validation is both very welcome and critical. Of course, we see it in our pipeline and the advocacy of new enterprise clients. Financial Services remain a key area of growth for us as is our alliance with Pega Systems, where AntWorks CMR+ with pre-configured integration, is available in the Pega MarketPlace. 

I also note that the report came out before the latest Release of CMR+ (Release 4) which sees our IDP product emerge with an simpler, cleaner, enhanced developer- and business-user-friendly UI. Advances in tables and handwriting will position us well for 2023. By then our clients will be experiencing a new raft of innovations due with Release 5!