Our Vision:

To be the most admired, respected and loved organisation on planet Earth, guided by our philosophy of Fresh, Fearless and Fast.




Our Mission:

To manifest the power of ethical AI while delivering the greatest value to our customers and our people.

We are passionate about our work and driven by our vision because we know the possibilities are endless for AI to solve some of the greatest challenges faced by enterprises, and the world today. 





We are Fresh in our approach, and look beyond the obvious, Fearless in embracing change and exploring the most innovative solutions, and Fast in learning, adapting, and delivering solutions that enterprises need now. 

AntWorksTM is a global, artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent automation (IA) company that creates new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation, and enterprise intelligence. As the world’s only integrated Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition, ANTstein™ digitises every type of data for forward-thinking companies looking to achieve straight-through processing. 

Led by Co-Founders: Asheesh Mehra, Group Chief Executive Officer and Govind Sandhu, Chief Operating Officer; and also, by Dr. Venkat, Chief Technology Officer; along with a Colony of more than 200+ “Ants,” together we continue to set the course for the future of AI within enterprises.