AntWorks will be at ITC Vegas, 20-22 September 2022, Stand 2166

We all know that Vegas is a city that never sleeps. It’s also a city that never seems to blink.

There’s nothing normal or particularly real about Vegas. That ‘what happens in Vegas…’ line; it signals to the world that it’s a place that plays by different rules and that while you’re there, you do too.

And yet heading back to Nevada after a couple of very weird years actually feels like a return to normal.

ITC will be the first InsureTech show I’ve done since before the pandemic. Three years ago if you’d asked me how I felt at the prospect of spending three days without natural light in a huge exhibit hall I might have seemed a little lukewarm, especially if I couldn’t sneak away for a round of golf!

Right now I can’t wait.

Since we last saw you…

A lot has happened since I last got to meet with insurance experts and talk about how great Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is transforming the world of work for the better – especially the world of insurance, dependent as it is on the data in billions of documents.

Even more has happened with AntWorks’ IDP solution. CMR (Cognitive Machine Reading) has become CMR+. It’s been rebuilt from the ground up to become far more user-centric and easy-to-deploy so it can be shaped around an enterprise’s particular needs with speed, agility and accuracy.

This month we’re unveiling CMR+ Release 4 with a new UI, improved capabilities to machine read handwriting and extract the data quickly, and higher out-of-the-box accuracy rates.

Particularly exciting to this show; we’ve embarked on a game-changing partnership with Pega and brought an Integration Accelerator to the table so that Pega users and SI partners can get seamless access to IDP within their Pega workflow in next to no time. Pega will be just a short hop from us across the hall so it’ll be easy for you to talk to us both and see how everything plays nicely together.

IDP for insurance

So why IDP? It’s simple really – in an industry like insurance the sheer weight of documentation is a major bottleneck.

Firstly, it takes up a lot of time; often that of very experienced and highly skilled people, such as brokers and underwriters who, rather than comparing or extracting data manually could be focused on customers or business opportunities.

Secondly when extracting data is time consuming and costly, insurance businesses often hold back and extract only a limited portion of the useful data in their documents. Radically lowering those human resource and financial barriers to ingesting and organising data in documents helps insurers focus on the potential value of data and not its cost.

Do that and the data comes into its own driving innovation and giving enterprises a competitive edge through helping insurance enterprises better know their customers and the market, design new products and manage risk.

See you at ITC Vegas! And if you find yourself wanting to know more, stop by our booth. We can chat about our solutions and how we can help your business, then head out to the golf course!