Meet unstructured data challenges head on

AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) empowers you to overcome the challenges of digitising unstructured data and provides:

  • Machine Vision Capability - CMR is the only data ingestion engine that meets the complex Machine Vision requirements of highly unstructured data, disparate data and documents
  • Complex pattern recognition - provides superior Natural Language-based classification with small data sets, recognising complex patterns in data
  • Easy configuration - CMR can be implemented rapidly as its engine is intelligent enough to learn from a small representative set of documents
  • A powerful alternative to OCR - Powered by fractal science, CMR can read all data types and provides data certainty and accuracy

With CMR capturing all your data, you can derive significant business benefits, including:

  • Expanded automation scope
  • Faster ROI
  • Increased accuracy with data certainty
  • Continuous improvement

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