Accelerating Faster Time to Value

CMR Plus combines AI technologies like Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Vision, and Machine Learning (ML) to pre-process, classify, extract, and validate all data types.



Deep Learning technology automates training and reduces deployment cycles by up to 400%. Just configure and upload training samples, then watch CMR Plus learn on its own.


Process Transparency

Gain complete control over your ML and data with the highest level of transparency. You can manage what and how the platform is learning, all through the new UI.


Greater Ease of Use

Web-based architecture and new UI enables greater ease of use and faster software configuration.


Flexible Deployment Options

Decide the best deployment scenario for you. Deploy via cloud or on-premise.


Trusted Security

Native security features, related to both infrastructure and product layers. HIPAA, GDPR, and ISO 27001 certified.


Single Product for All Your Data Needs

Digitise and process all types of data including handwritten documents (block and cursive), stamps, image recognition, IDs and signatures.


Multi-Lingual Extraction

Available in multiple languages.


Easy Integration

Enable tight integration into any system via REST API.


AI-Powered Continuous Improvement Accuracy

Constantly improves accuracy via ML ensuring continuous improvement in your operations


Highest Level of Governance and Controls

Easy configuration of authentication and authorisation with the flexibility to manage users.


Configurable Business Rules

Administer your business rules at the point of capture to contextualise and apply inference logic to enrich your data sets.


Enterprise Scale

Scale across business units, divisions and geographies. Microservices architecture ensures speed and reliability at any scale, and with any number of users, making it the perfect solution for large or small enterprises.



Out with the Old (OCR) and in with the New (CMR Plus)

Why settle for a 30-year-old, flawed technology when the world has moved on and solved its limitations?

Limitations of OCR

  • Limited to printed structured data, struggles with handwriting and can’t read unstructured documents, or documents with template variations

  • Requires constant intervention for dealing with document variances by creating templates and requiring zones

  • Uses neural-based Machine Learning which requires large amounts of data to train

  • OCR tools with ML capability can’t provide visibility of how the training data arrived at a particular conclusion and why it gives a particular response to a set of data inputs. This lack of transparency requires additional manual oversight, leading to longer processing cycles.

  • Requires supervised training; customers must review every single document for corrections and manually add to the knowledge base

  • OCR uses sequential and linear character matching which captures all the characters (including data that’s out-of-scope) which slow the speed of processing

Unlimited Advantages of CMR Plus

  • Best-in-class machine vision-based digitisation product for unstructured data including handwriting, cursive, signature and object recognition

  • Template independent. Its Deep Learning technology recognises and digitises data without constant supervision

  • Uses proprietary Deep Learning algorithm requiring smaller data sets for higher accuracy yield

  • Gain complete control over your ML with the highest level of transparency. You can manage what and how CMR Plus is learning, all through the UI , without touching a single line of code

  • Replaces supervised learning with automated learning. Just configure and upload training samples, then watch the CMR Plus learn on its own. Significantly reduce implementation time and time to value

  • Deploy just-in-time pattern recognition reading which look at patterns and not every single character. Speed content recognition and get only the data you need and nothing else


How Cognitive Machine Reading Plus Boosts the Bottom Line

Achieve faster time-to-value with lower processing cost and increased employee productivity by eliminating labour intensive manual key entry

Deliver significant IT savings –requires less data and lower infrastructure cost by leveraging the most efficient self-learning ML technology


Accelerate learning by digitising documents at the point of entry. CMR Plus can sit within various enterprise applications for quicker data delivery to drive business value.


Enterprise scalability allows you to easily deploy, distribute and manage global processes across remote locations. The web interface is accessible anywhere and easy to maintain


Gain greater transparency – view the quality of data extraction in real-time, and if needed, make adjustments on the fly. From IT, audit and business users, you’ll know “what’s going on under the hood”. This transparency allows control of your data to mitigate risk, improve compliance, while meeting SLAs and managing cost containment.


Solving the Data Digitisation Challenge Across Industries



Banking and Finance

Improve customer satisfaction, liquidity, and streamline financial operations by automating manual paperwork in bank account opening, credit card applications and loan origination.


Ideal for document processing service providers focussing on single business needs, or Business Process Outsource organisations supporting end-to-end automation. Improve data quality, eliminate manual processes and meet service level agreements.



Automate new account openings, manage risk and accelerate the processing of various benefit forms, policy agreements and provisioning plus claims settlements.



Improve patient experience and reduce compliance risk. Increase the efficiency of document processing such as patient records and medical prescription forms.



Process and manage a wide variety of legal documents including contracts, benefit enrolment forms, application forms, pleadings, correspondence and more.


Finance & Accounting

Achieve straight-through-processing of invoices, as CMR Plus classifies and extracts data from all types of invoices, regardless of format and type.



Deliver products to customers faster. Automate time-consuming processes such as accounts payable. Streamline supplier management and digitise the back office to improve order management and inventory control.


Transportation and Logistics

Accelerate transactions and increase the efficiency of document flows. Automatically process bills of lading forms, commercial invoices and delivery receipts. Carry out critical business information and gain visibility into business processes.


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