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Antworks’ fullstack, integrated automation platform (IAP) enables you to address even the most complex automation opportunities–and scale across the enterprise

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One automation platform.

Endless Possibilities

The three key components of Antworks’ IAP enable you to take it to the next level and explore endless possibilities when it comes to implementing enterprise-scale automation.

Data Digitisation and Curation

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Intelligent Digital Workforce Management

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Enterprise AI and Machine Learning

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Delivering smarter RPA

ANTstein operates at the cutting edge of Fractal science and automation technology. We have developed powerful data ingestion and process automation that takes Robotic Process Automation to the next level for businesses seeking to leverage the benefits of a combined digital and human workforce.

To achieve enterprise-scale automation, many organisations rely on task-based and often unreliable and siloed RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technologies.

AntWorks’ fullstack Integrated Automation Platform enables you to tackle even the most complex automation opportunities–and scale enterprise-wide. 



Addressing the entire process

automation lifecycle

ANTstein SQUARE curates end-to-end processes and addresses the demand for RPA to be part of an integrated strategy, not just stand-alone. It provides enterprises with superior analytics powered by machine learning and AI algorithms using Fractal science and covers the entire lifecycle of any business process.

ANTstein SQUARE powers up enterprises with accurate insights through an integrated, intelligent, fullstack solution that learns automatically to automate complex business processes. And it allows you to quickly build and deploy automation using a Versatile Development Environment – a ‘no code/low code’ intuitive user interface.

AntStein Square Power Up

AntWorks’ IAP is a technology built to fit business processes, not vice versa. It is truly the next generation of automation, equipped with Automated Data Curation and Intelligent Digital Workforce Management to meet all your business automation needs.

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ANTstein SQUARE’s Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR), the most powerful data ingestion and curation solution in the world, can read all types of data, offering maximum flexibility in terms of the processing of multi-format documents.

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QueenBOT, ANTstein SQUARE’s RPA component, is a far superior technology to traditional RPA. It brings "intelligence" to RPA and enables you to build a digital workforce with ease and speed. Each QueenBot has the capacity to create to up to 50 ANTbots, all of which can sit on the user’s desktop (or on the server) and deliver the process solution.


ANTsteinTM in action

Banking, healthcare and life sciences, insurance, media and entertainment, mortgage processing, technology, telecommunications, transportation and logistics businesses…just some of the industries where our enterprise-scale automation is making a difference. Take a look through our 400+ example use cases and explore some of the endless possibilities of our solutions.


"We needed a solution like ANTstein SQUARE that would not just capture the data, but also curate the data accurately. We are experiencing efficiency improvement of almost 50%"

Emma Forster

Managing Director, Spark 44
Joint Venture with Jaguar Land Rover


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