InsurTech Hartford Symposium pushes the innovation boundaries of the insurance sector by bringing together the latest technology and top talent.

Date: April 17 – 18, 2024

Location: Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

Insurants is thrilled to be part of a select Innovate UK group participating at the upcoming prestigious InsurTech Hartford Symposium. This symposium provides access and delivers insights into the technology trends disrupting the insurance industry.

Going to be at the InsurTech Hartford Symposium?

Book a meeting with our experts and discover how our groundbreaking solution unlocks the potential of data from complex commercial insurance documents, equipping brokers and Insurers with insights and a greater level efficiency.

About the Symposium:

The InsurTech Hartford Symposium is where the industry’s leading experts converge to push the boundaries of innovation. Hosted at the iconic Mohegan Sun, this event promises an immersive experience like no other. We recognize the value of being amidst the latest technology and top talent at Insurants, making this event an unmissable opportunity for growth and networking.

Join Insurants and Innovate UK at our Booth

Visit our booth and learn how Insurants leverages Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and GenAI capabilities to classify, extract, and digitize data from documents, including images and handwriting. Our team will be on hand to showcase these capabilities, discuss partnerships, and explore how we can collaborate to drive innovation.

We will be hosting a Roundtable

Title: Improving information exchange between commercial insurance brokers and carriers for increased efficiency, accuracy and competitiveness at scale.
Abstract: In the commercial insurance market, Brokers and Carriers exchange significant volumes of critical data and documents to provide the best service to the Insured, which inevitably creates operational challenges. Brokers and carriers are looking to gain any advantage to improve their competitiveness and deliver the best service and coverage. Emerging automation technologies such as IDP and GenAI play a key role in overcoming these obstacles. The big question brokers and carriers face is how to best integrate these solutions into existing processes with minimum disruption to deliver the most positive outcomes.