Process Discovery

Identify high-value automation opportunities, analyse user productivity gaps and optimise every process to maximise business efficiency.

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Image Enhancer

AI-enabled assessment of image quality and auto-correction for enhancing readability to increase data yield from scanned documents.

Auto Indexer

Our AI-enabled solution automates the identification, classification and indexing of documents to help drive straight-through processing.

Cognitive Machine Reading Plus - CMR Plus

CMR Plus can read all types of data, including:

  • Structured

  • Unstructured

  • Images
  • Hand printed text

  • Cursive writing

  • Signatures

CMR can also contextualise data using Natural Language.


QueenBOT RPA brings ‘intelligence’ to RPA and enables you to build, operate and manage a digital workforce with ease and speed.


Optimise the size and weight of images and make data more mobile for easier and faster transport.

How our products

benefit your business

AntWorks’ portfolio of automation products can benefit your business in many ways, including:

Increased efficiency

Our automation products can enhance employee productivity and efficiency across a range of processes

Rapid ROI

Recognise the most efficient path for automation and speed-up your return on investment

Fast implementation

Our ready-to-go solutions are designed for fast implementation across the enterprise

Future enhancement

AntWorks’ solutions enable you to build out automation opportunities on an enterprise-wide basis

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