Meet unstructured data challenges head on

AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) empowers you to overcome the challenges of digitising unstructured data and provides:

Machine Vision Capability

CMR is the only data ingestion engine that meets the complex Machine Vision requirements of highly unstructured data, disparate data and document format independent.

Complex pattern recognition

The AntWorks platform delivers superior Natural Language-based classification with small data sets, recognising complex patterns in data.

Easy configuration

Because of its easy configuration, CMR can be implemented rapidly as its engine is intelligent enough to learn from a small representative set of documents.

A powerful alternative to OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions cannot read unstructured data. Powered by fractal science, CMR can read all data types and provides data certainty and accuracy.

CMR capabilities


CMR reads all types of data, including:

  • Structured

  • Unstructured

  • Images

  • Hand printed text

  • Cursive writing

  • Signatures

CMR can also contextualise data using Natural Language.

CMR uses advanced pattern-based data search techniques, a superior approach than OCR.

Proprietary Content Based Object Retrieval (CBOR) methods ensure the highest levels of recall and accuracy.

How CMR benefits your enterprise

CMR captures all your data... but what does that actually mean in terms of business benefits?

Expand automation scope

CMR enables you to leverage the 85% of untapped (and unstructured) data found inside your organisation, This means you can automate MORE by automating deeper processes and more complex data.

Faster ROI

Easy to configure, and faster to implement using smaller data sets for training, it jump starts your automation with ease and speed.

Increase accuracy with data certainty

Superior capture rate with 80% accuracy of consistently capturing content. Boost the level of data certainty to achieve a higher % of straight-through processing.

Continuous improvement

CMR continually learns your processes and facilitates ongoing optimisation.

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