Bringing intelligence to RPA

QueenBOT RPA enables you to:


Build a low code/no code BOT development environment for building a digital workforce with ease and speed.


Create smart BOTs to undertake intelligent exception handling.


Ensure real-time digital workforce management to drive BOT productivity.

Mitigate risk

Implement integrated business continuity planning mitigates risk and ensures auditing.

QueenBOT RPA: Key features


Cognitive BOTs

Keep your productivity at the highest levels with BOTs that respond dynamically to changes in the operating environment

Multi-skilled BOTs

Do more with BOTs that can be assigned a specific profile which defines a process or activity, allowing you to proactively manage your digital workforce.

Business Continuity Planning

Auto failover management for business continuity includes pre-defined business continuity hardware designs.

How QueenBOT RPA benefits your business

So, what benefits can QueenBOT RPA deliver to your business?


QueenBOT RPA provides the highest BOT uptime available with cognitive responsiveness

Lower TCO

Achieve lower total cost of ownership with smart BOTs for exception handling and minimal down time

Business continuity

Get real-time business continuity and automated risk management for your digital workforce


QueenBOT RPA helps achieve the highest BOT productivity in your enterprise operations


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