Our Customers

AntWorks helps organisations that depend on the information in the millions of documents they receive each year. The more documentation an organisation receives, the more varied and hard to process it is, and the more valuable the data it contains, the greater the benefits AntWorks delivers. AntWorks’ customers include major players in finance and insurance as well as healthcare, business process outsourcing and law.


Leadership Team

Mike Hobday

Mike Hobday has been AntWorks CEO since March 2021. He has had a long and distinguished career in operations and automation...

Guha R

Guha is the Chief Operating Officer at AntWorks, responsible for execution across platform development and professional services.

Stuart Curls

Stuart Curl is AntWorks’ Chief Financial Officer and over four decades has managed just about every financial situation that a business might face.

Diksha Upadhyay
VP, Human Resources

Diksha is a seasoned HR professional with over 18 years of experience across all areas of HR.


AntWorks is fortunate to be recognised regularly as a leader in automation and Intelligent Document Processing

Synnex India Insurance Summit 220x50 1

Best Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution for Insurance 2022

The judging committee at the Synnex India Insurance Summit recognised the power and effectiveness of CMR+, our world-leading IDP solution.

ISG Leader 1

ISG Provider Lens
2021 - Leader Intelligent Document Processing

“AntWorks is among the few IDP providers that acknowledges the need of enterprises to bring domain knowledge and technology together to automate end-to-end processes.”

NelsonHall NEAT Leader 2021 1

Leader in NelsonHall NEAT - Intelligent Automation Platforms 2021

NelsonHall called AntWorks’ technology “cutting-edge” and among the most “intriguing competitors” in cognitive automation.