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Everest Group’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook 2019

Organisations deal with multiple types and volumes of data and more than 80-85% of it is in unstructured or semi-structured format. Applying RPA to these data sets results in automation failure and fatigue. Resolving this data challenge to enable Straight-Through-Processing is key to an enterprises’ Intelligent Automation success.

Outdated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies are not fit for purpose to resolve these data challenges. OCR would provide 50-70% accuracy, require 100% manual Quality Control and is limited in its ability to deal with different types of data. These requirements can only be addressed by AI-based IDP solutions, which are capable of processing unstructured or semi-structured documents with greater accuracy and are more resilient to changes.

The benefits of IDP include:

  • Faster turnaround times due to increased straight-through processing

  • Improves accuracy with minimum manual intervention

  • Increases productivity and efficiency of digital & non-digital workforce

Download your copy of the report today and discover how IDP can transform your document laden processes into a faster, more productive organisation