While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the growth of IDP market in the short term, its adoption by Enterprises is increasing driven by the strong demand for automation. Everest Group Research, in their 2nd refresh to the #IDPPlaybook, share how enterprises can break down their IDP journey into five distinct steps:

  1. Understand the current state
  2. Create a business case for the desired outcome
  3. Determine capability target state
  4. Identify all determinants and map path
  5. Execute against mapped path

This playbook is a step-by-step guide for enterprises evaluating or already in the IDP journey to sharpen the results from their automation efforts. Learn how best-fit enterprise-grade solutions can be selected based on their solution capability, an ecosystem of partners for collaborative technologies, an ecosystem of service partners, product training and support, and commercial models.

Included in the playbook is a case study by the University of Southern California (USC) sharing their story of implementing IDP solutions and the business benefits realized.