Insurance companies need to keep pace and adopt emerging technologies to innovate, staying behind the curve is not an option. This is why the convergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is on track to completely transform the way commercial insurance processes operate, offering the potential to boost throughput by an impressive tenfold. The integration of these technologies not only streamlines insurance claims processing but also transforms business operations. 

Generative AI: A Game-Changer for Commercial Insurance

Data and Documents are everywhere in Commercial Insurance, whether you are a Broker, Carrier, MGA, Third Party Administrator, Loss Adjustor…Generative AI allows a wealth of insights to be gained such as content summarization, text translation, semantic searching of information, searching across documents, and comparison of key clauses.

Additionally, the reach of Generative AI extends beyond information inisghts to the customization of policies. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, it can generate tailored policy recommendations, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased policy uptake.

IDP: Enhancing Accuracy and Simplifying Document Processing

On the other hand, IDP is transforming the way insurance companies handle paperwork. IDP uses technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract, classify, and understand information from vast amounts of documents. This not only boosts efficiency but also enhances precision and speed, as it eliminates the risk of human error that comes with manual data entry. The increase in precision ensures that risk assessments and policy decisions are based on reliable and accurate data.

Insurants: A Comprehensive Solution for Data-Driven Efficiency

By coupling the capabilities of Generative AI and IDP, Insurants emerges as a comprehensive solution that leverages data and automates standard practices in the commercial insurance industry. It provides a platform that amalgamates these technologies to refine operations, enhance precision, and ultimately, boost throughput tenfold.

But we don’t use Generative AI just because it’s a cool new toy, we ensure that the right tool is used to fix the right problem, combining both IDP and Generative AI techniques for search, extraction, and rule application.

Insurants doesn’t merely merge two cutting-edge technologies; it synthesizes them to devise a solution that fundamentally reshapes the insurance industry. With Insurants, insurance firms can anticipate a more precise and data-driven future. We’ll be introducing more features to our Insurants offering in the forthcoming months, so keep an eye out for more exciting developments. Hint, think of an AI workbench for commercial insurance. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us and share your ideas.

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