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Avasant’s Intelligent Automation Tools RadarView™ Report

AntWorksTM recognised as an Innovator in Avasant’s Intelligent Automation Tools RadarView™ Report

Avasant’s Intelligent Automation Tools RadarView reviewed 25 intelligent automation (IA) vendors across 3 critical dimensions: product maturity, enterprise adaptability and innovation roadmap.

This report highlights AntWorks’ data-centric approach to automation with significant focus on cognitive capture, which typically entails OCR algorithm for text, object identification on screen and image recognition algorithm. Avasant’s Intelligent Automation Tools RadarViewTM assesses vendors across 3 critical dimensions: Product Maturity, Enterprise Adaptability and Innovation Roadmap. According to the report, Innovators show a penchant for reinventing concepts and avenues, changing the very nature of how things are done from the ground up.

Here are AntWorks’ client case studies cited in the report:

  • Implemented Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) module in City Union Bank to accelerate the customer onboarding process. The module helped ingest unstructured data, contextualise it and convert it into structured data to achieve KYC norms.

  • Deployed accounting/ reconciliation process automation bots for KPMG. The CMR module was used to convert unstructured data and used ML to determine the tax incidence of clients. Hence, achieving 50% savings in operational costs.

  • Deployed ANTstein for Mercer to edit 401(k) details for thousands of employees working at various Fortune 100 clients. It could read the mail and process all the documents, check for completeness and automatically make requested changes.

  • Deployed ANTstein for Indecomm Global Services to automate mortgage loan processing. Its CMR module along with OCR were used to ingest various loan estimate documents and recognize and extract key data.