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From Task Automation to Intelligent Automation : Crossing the Data Chasm


According to SSON, "task automation almost always has a savings component (less effort, higher quality, and faster) as its chief benefit. Automating the experience using IA, however, creates value in terms of loyalty, upsell opportunities and possibly brand reputation that are far more significant." 

The SSON IA Global Market Report covers the challenges of intelligence and the strategies that deliver truly intelligent automation.
The key to success depends on the ability to tap vast quantities of unstructured data that contain the content and the context of the work to be done. 

In this report, you’ll discover:

  • New Data Requirements that Drive Smart Automation 

  • Evolving Strategies: A Shift to End-to-End Process Automation

  • Why a Data Strategy Should Lead an Automation Strategy

Download your copy of the SSON report today.