Go beyond traditional RPA with QueenBOT RPA. 

QueenBOT RPA is superior to traditional RPA, so you can build, operate and manage your digital workforce effectively and with ease.

QueenBOT RPA consists of:

  • Cognitive BOTs: Productivity is at the highest levels with BOTs that respond dynamically to changes in your operating environment
  • Multi-skilled BOTs: Assign your BOTs with specific profiles that define a process or activity, allowing you to proactively manage your digital workforce
  • Business Continuity Planning: Auto-failover management, reducing downtime when a BOT is overloaded or not responding

QueenBOT RPA business benefits include:

  • The highest BOT uptime available
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Real-time business continuity
  • The highest BOT productivity

See the most advanced and scalable digital workforce platform on the market.

See QueenBOT RPA in Action

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