A lack of knowledge and understanding of process flows and operational metrics of processes can lead to automation failure. Set yourself up for success with AntWorks’ Process Discovery and build your end-to-end process to help you:

Gain insights

Derive deeper insights across all processes, people and productivity

Identify automation opportunities

Analyse process gaps and recognise the most efficient path for automation

Optimise processes for automation

Optimise human-driven business processes and maximise productivity

Measure tangible ROI

Measure productivity pre- and post- automation



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Process Discovery: Key features

Process Discovery enables you to aggregate, assimilate and analyse process data to transform your day-to-day processing actions into meaningful business operations.

Aggregate data

Ensure automated data aggregation of your process flows and operational metrics to accelerate your RPA programme.

Assimilate data

Enable enhanced presentation of operational, process and even individual task-level data, so that it can be assimilated for process insights and analysis.

Analyse data

Empower your business to analyse operational data that can help you take the right decisions and identify processes fit for automation.

How Process Discovery benefits your business

Process Discovery helps you discover the fastest route to process automation success. How does that benefit your business?

Dig deeper

Derive deeper process and individual task-level insights using Visual Workflows and Analytics

Faster evaluation

Unearth repetitive processes and process violations and find the most efficient path for automation

Faster ROI

Recognise the most efficient path for automation and accelerate your return on investment

Ongoing improvement

AntWorks AI technology continually learns your processes and enables ongoing optimisation

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