Optimiser reduces the size and weight of visual images – photos, videos, etc. – without reducing the dimension, resolution or DPI and not compromising quality.

Unmatched performance

Achieve unmatched visual performance, in terms of image quality and rate of compression.

Easy compression

Original visuals (photos, video, HD videos, etc.) can be optimised in the same format to as little as one-eighth of the original size, without altering the attributes

Enhance retrieval

Drastically reduce dependence on storage space and transmission bandwidth and enhance the speed of retrieval.

Retain attributes

Retain the input attributes in the output – format, scale, dimension, DPI and resolution, and easily resurrect the original lossless image at the click of a button


Just a few of the key features that sets Optimiser apart:


Optimise storage

Storing images is more efficient, as you can save more within the same space.

Mobilise your data

Data is lighter and easier to transport with Optimiser.

Find the images you need

Take advantage of Optimiser’s object search capabilities to find the images you need quickly.

How Optimiser benefits your business

With advanced algorithms, Optimiser maximises efficiency to:

Improve customer service

Fulfil customer service demands by enabling images in any format to be optimised and retrieved quickly.

Reduce costs

Optimiser enables you save costs by being able to store more images in less space.

Reduce manual effort

Save the time and hassle of trying to compress images and videos using other methods.

Improve quality

Using Optimiser, you can optimise images and videos without having to sacrifice quality or altering the properties

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