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NelsonHall’s Document Cognition Platform Evaluation Report

AntWorks named a leader for ingesting and interpreting unstructured and structured data.

In a first of its kind research, NelsonHall evaluates document cognition platforms and their ability to ingest and interpret documents within a lab environment. NelsonHall examined the performance of vendors offering document cognition, with a focus on ingesting and interpreting a variety of structured and unstructured documents. 

According to the report, AntWorks’ CMR leads the competition with:

  • Overall ease of use for creating processes and performing quality assurance tests

  • Highest in ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ and furthest in ‘ability to meet future client requirements’

  • Highest accuracy with the fewest documents provided

  • Only platform to provide sentiment analysis, handwritten and cursive digitisation–all within a single tool

  • Template independent platform which easily handles changing fields, forms and information

Download your free copy of NelsonHall’s key findings.