The Automation Game-changer for Insurance Claims Processing 


2020 is the time for claims transformation.  The journey has started, now unstructured data and claims insights are the key barriers to overcome. The crisis has accelerated the need to transform traditional claims operating models – and technologies are ready to solve these challenges.

Watch this special presentation with Ingrid Woodward, Head of IT and Operations CAN Hardy and Mike Hobday, CRO, AntWorks to learn:

  • Why claims processing needs to transform now

  • Importance of CX: from retail, quick resolution transactions to large commercial complex claims

  • Balancing CX and intelligent automation

  • Solving unstructured data from omni-channel inputs

  • Leveraging claims data for insights

  • The future claims handler

Missed the live session? Don’t worry. You can watch it On Demand right now.

The Automation Game-changer for Insurance Claims Processing - AntWorks