We're honoured to have experienced and knowledgeable investors helping us financially and strategically support our technology’s impact, paving the way for enterprises across the globe to achieve intelligent automation.


SBI Investment

AntWorksTM closed a round of US$15 million Series A funding from SBI Investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc., in July 2018. SBI Holdings is a well-known, one-stop internet-based financial services provider. It is a prominent investor in innovative global technologies.

"AntWorks has risen through the ranks of global RPA, Automation and Artificial Intelligence companies with a ferocity that's unprecedented in the industry.” - Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao, Representative Director, President, and CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc.

In February 2019, SBI Neo Financial Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc., and AntWorks entered into a joint agreement to establish SBI Antworks Asia. This joint venture is designed to bring the AntWorks ANTstein platform to the East Asia and South East Asia markets, accelerating the region’s use of intelligent automation.

SBI Group holds a 60 percent interest in SBI AntWorks Asia.