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Make Your ERP Function Better with AI-based Invoice Automation

Your ERP isn’t going away anytime soon. Dealing with legacy systems is an ongoing challenge. On the flip side, your team is pushed to maximise performance and reduce expenses. Additional expenses of more hardware or IT intervention looks like another uphill struggle you’d rather not climb. 
With talk of Intelligent Automation, process automation and RPA, the bigger issue here is data. Or more precisely that lack of it that can be used in automation process. This challenge is obvious when you aren’t able to utilise all the documents and data needed for straight-through processing of invoices.

Join industry experts to learn:

  • What are the limitations of current capture technology, like OCR

  • Why SaaS-based invoice automation solutions are not created equal

  • Which AI technologies provide straight-through processing of data and integrate with your ERP

Watch this engaging discussion and discover how organisations transform their invoice processing automation.