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Accounts Payable as a Service Product Demonstration

With industry-leading AI-based technology, ANTstein APaaS is ready to process invoices from the start without the need for training.


ANTstein SQUARE: Process Discovery


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ANTstein SQUARE : Integrated Automation Platform


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Data: The Critical Fuel for Intelligent Automation

Did you know 80 percent of the data in an organisation is completely unstructured. That ‘data chasm’ includes images, web pages, hand-written documents, signatures, and even mobile content.


LIBOR - Beat the Transition Deadline

$350 TRILLION of risk in financial instrument contracts must be rewritten when LIBOR is retired and replaced by a new reference interest rate.




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Appraising Your Mortgage Loan Process

Integrated Automation helps mortgage loan providers process loans faster and with greater accuracy and profitability.

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Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) –a Better Approach To Data Capture

When it comes to capturing all types of data, including unstructured, for end-to-end process automation initiatives, OCR leaves a lot of data by the


CMR And Queenbot™ Combine To Streamline Accounts Payable

Find out how Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) and QueenBOT™, components of AntWorks’ ANTstein™ SQUARE Integrated Automation Platform, streamlines AP


Airline provider eliminates invoice errors

Discover how this leading airline service provider streamlined their invoice processing using ANTstein SQUARE technology.


Big 4 Auditing Firm Generates Faster Tax Reports

How did a Big 4 auditor use ANTstein to reduce tax computation turn-around time from 2 hours to just 30 minutes and get a 360-degree view of data po

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Intelligent Document Processing: Rapidly Increasing Adoption

What is driving the rapid growth of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)?

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