The one thing that banks and other financial institutions around the globe have in common: tons of documents and data to classify and capture, in order to automate business processes.
Did you know about 80% of your data is unstructured? 

This data resides in emails, handwritten documents and images. Manual entry of this information is too expensive and time consuming. And OCR won’t be able to digitise it. So how can you digitise all your information to make it available and useable for downstream processes? Cognitive Machine Reading(CMR).


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Commercial & Personal Insurers Solving the Data Digitisation Challenge


LIBOR - Beat the Transition Deadline

$350 TRILLION of risk in financial instrument contracts must be rewritten when LIBOR is retired and replaced by a new reference interest rate.

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Banking 2030: The Where and How of Data and AI for Banking

Digitising data is the key to your success for any automation initiative. Learn how to make all your data available and useable.

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Finding Profitability in the Mortgage Loan Process

Mortgage companies of all sizes struggle to scrape a profit from processing loans. Compliance laws, ever expanding rules and regulations make it difficult just to stay in business.

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What Industry Experts & Customers Say

“AntWorks CMR’s high accuracy across the tested document types, even with small training sets, and its outstanding ease-of-use allows buyers to democratise the use of document cognition across the organisation easily.”

Mike Smart
Sr Digital Transformation Analyst

"Deploying the AntWorks solution has been crucial to not only saving time, money and effort, but also enhancing customer acquisition for growth and the re deployment of staff, focus on strategic innovation and other tasks that require complex thinking.”

City Union Bank


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