Intelligent Automation 2.0: Key differentiators from traditional RPA

AntWorks™ QueenBOT product is the first provider of Generation 2.0 Intelligent Automation market technologies, and belongs to the second (much bigger) wave of the Automation tsunami that the industry is now riding.

The question everyone is now asking is What can Gen 2.0 offer that traditional RPA solutions can’t?

The key differences and benefits are:

  • EASIER BOT DEVELOPMENT: Low code/no code
  • FASTER TIME TO PRODUCTION: Utilises licence investment faster
  • MINIMAL BOT DOWN TIME: Cognitive responsiveness of BOTs to unknown changes in the operating environment
  • HIGHER BOT UTILIZATION: Intelligent Digital Workforce Management (Realtime digital workforce management for optimal BOT utilization)
  • OPERATIONAL FLEXIBILITY: BOT profile enrichment for intelligent work allocation and optimal BOT utilisation

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