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Intelligent Automation Week Presentation

Digitising All Data at the Point of Entry to Gain an Edge in Automation.

While traditional automation solutions have driven significant wins, from early task-based to more integrated intelligent automation initiatives, the one stumbling block remains– data. 

Getting data into a digitized and structured format at point of entry is the critical ingredient for successful automation – specifically in enabling downstream processes. And yet, most enterprises are still struggling with accessing unstructured data to unlock the full potential of end-to-end automation.

Watch this on-demand webinar with SSON’s Barbara Hodge, VP Finance Innovation & Transformation at Sompo International, David Palastro and AntWork’s Emma Beaumont to learn.

  • What types of challenges does the insurance industry face?

  • How to find opportunities to optimise revenue  

  • How to improve automated workflows 

  • How to utilise data for enterprise automation