Boost image quality and content readability

ANTstein’s Image Enhancer auto inspects, detects, auto corrects and enhances the quality of any image document to increase accuracy and throughput for digital transformation.

Improve readability

Image Enhancer applies appropriate techniques to improve the quality of the images resulting in higher readability.

Expand data yield

The better the quality of the image, the better the data yield, which enables higher straight throughput

Greater accuracy

Image Enhancer augments the quality and accuracy of any content captured.

Increase process efficiency

Image Enhancer guarantees higher straight throughput and thereby increases process efficiency.

Image Enhancer capabilities

AI-enabled auto inspection automatically takes corrective actions.

Automatically applies various techniques (appropriate algorithms) to help enhance the quality of the image.

Image reconstruction capabilities facilitates sections of any image to be enhanced when needed.

How Image Enhancer benefits your enterprise

Image Enhancer brings new levels of accuracy in terms of capturing data... but what does that actually mean in terms of business benefits?

Accelerate business processes

Image Enhancer allows acceleration of business process automation.

Better customer engagement

Increase the data certainty levels for higher straight throughput.

Reduce costs

With image-enhanced data your organisation can save resources and costs.

Continuous improvement

Ensures you continue to maximise the benefits of accurate image data.

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