Businesses all over the world are trying to survive a global pandemic today. Resilience, therefore, has never been more critical. In today’s article, Asheesh Mehra, group CEO and co-founder, AntWorks, discusses how companies can improve efficiency, retain customers, and increase visibility with the right intelligent automation technologies.

Have you ever thought of all the paperwork that goes into applying for a mortgage or a new car loan, not to mention insurance claims? Documents are everywhere —and in many cases, in large volumes. It’s tedious work for businesses to manually process stacks of documents. It impedes organizational efficiency, scalability, customer service, and the ability to achieve a competitive edge in the digital world. Yet, “paper trail” is not going away anytime soon, as it remains crucial for establishing accountability, continuity, and privacy. To manage the paper deluge, a growing number of companies across industries are adopting intelligent automation solutions.

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