Top 10AntWorksTM recognised as a leader for innovation & embedded intelligence in HFS Top 10 RPA Software Products research.

According to Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President, HFS Research, "Off the back of a gigantic growth year in 2019, AntWorks emerged as one of the leaders in our 2020 RPA Software Top 10 report for innovation and embedded intelligence. In a market besieged with stalled and lackluster RPA results, AntWorks' integrated technology stack natively enables enterprises to grapple with one of RPA's major shortcomings - cognitively processing unstructured data. The combination of RPA plus cognitive machine reading helps AntWorks' clients drive end-to-end process automation." 

AntWorks’ Strengths:

  • Major ramp up in 2019 : Founded in 2015, the company spent its first few years focused on product development and customer acquisition. After a Series A infusion in July 2018, AntWorks hit the ground running in 2019 with a massive expansion of product, people, and footprint—most notably in marketing.

  • Full-stack integrated automation approach : From inception, AntWorks’ ANTsteinTM platform aligns to HFS’ Triple-A Trifecta model, bringing together modular components of automation, AI, and analytics. It is most well known for its cognitive machine reading approach to unstructured data powered by fractal data science.

  • Business process expertise : Unlike many of its competitors, AntWorks’ leadership team hails from the business process outsourcing industry. This helps it frame its technology in terms of business process transformation, not just technology. Its embedded process discovery capability further enables its process first focus.

  • Voice of the customer : Its customers commend its out-of-the-box inclusion of AI capabilities to support unstructured data challenges. Also of note are the multi-tenancy components of its SQUARE release to support enhanced bot utilisation and its strong relationship management.

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