2019 APAC Intelligent Automation Software Technology Innovation

AntWorks™ wins 2019 Frost and Sullivan award for best practice in Technology Innovation in the Intelligent Automation software industry.

Frost & Sullivan’s global teams of analysts and consultants research a wide range of markets in multiple industries and regions, and identify companies that consistently pursue or invest in new technologies, enabling them to serve their customers more effectively and grow at a rate above the industry average.

According to the report, “To operate more efficiently, businesses increasingly need to process great amounts of data and various types of data to enable more effective business process management. Incorporating next-generation technologies, such as Cognitive Machine Reading, Intelligent Automation, fractal science-based AI/ ML, and Process Discovery, AntWorks’ ANTstein platform is a powerful solution that provides full stack autonomous data management and enhances business process automation. ANTstein is easy to implement in any organization, saving much time and cost. AntWorks empowers customers with efficient and effective business process automation, and makes digitization a reality by synthesizing and processing unstructured data accurately, with a no code/ low code environment, while advancing the future of AI using its unique fractal science-based AI/ ML and CMR technologies.”

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