AntWorksTM closed a round of $15 million Series A funding from SBI Investment Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc., proving its vitality as a global leader in Artificial Intelligence and intelligent automation solutions. SBI Holdings is a well-known, one-stop, internet-based financial services provider. It is a prominent investor in the innovative global technology space, and this time it is AntWorks™ success in the AI market that has caught its attention.

AntWorks™ has risen through the ranks of global RPA, Automation and Artificial Intelligence companies with a ferocity that’s unprecedented in the industry. "We are excited with the possibilities of ANTstein™ and look forward to their growth in the Asian region through our joint venture, as well as globally," said Mr. Yoshitaka Kitao,

Representative Director, President and CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc. Further he says, "SBI Group is actively involved in introducing RPA solutions to financial institutions in Japan and strongly believes in the future of this field."

The SBI Group is an Internet financial services pioneer founded in Japan, in 1999. By 2016, it established the world’s first Internet-based financial ecosystem to undertake a broad range of financial services including securities, banking and insurance. The Financial Services Business, the Asset Management Business and the biotechnology-related business are the three core businesses of the SBI Group. The Asset Management Business primarily involves the overseas financial services businesses, and the investment in and incubation of startup companies. The globally expanding biotechnology-related business is focused on the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, health foods and cosmetics. We are moving into a new dimension by organically blending these businesses with the rapidly expanding digital asset-related business, and creating synergies that cannot be achieved by companies with a single-minded approach.

In 2015, AntWorks™ started its journey as an enterprise automation solutions provider. Over the last 4 years, it has made a significant impact in the AI space and has been benchmarked for enhanced solutions against the top-ranked achievers in the field. In the global market, AntWorks™ has been noticed by many leaders for its automation tools, consisting of Data Ingestion, RPA and Artificial Intelligence, being clubbed together under one umbrella. Now, with more focus on the South East Asian market, AntWorks is all set to move to the next level, with SBI Holdings.

In February 2019, SBI Neo Financial Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SBI Holdings Inc entered into an agreement with AntWorks™, to establish SBI AntWorks Asia. This joint venture is designed to support the sale and introduction to East Asia and Southeast Asia of AntWorks’ operational automation platform, which integrates Cognitive Machine Reading and RPA capability with artificial intelligence (AI). The SBI Group will hold a 60-percent interest in SBI AntWorks Asia.