Aprenda cómo reemplazar las soluciones parciales con una plataforma de automatización integrada puede ayudar las organizaciones optimizan los procesos en toda la empresa

Landing Page copy for HFS Report HFS Research Report: Solve the Automation Scale Challenge with Integrated Intelligent Automation Platforms Enterprises plan to invest significant budget, leadership efforts and resources for intelligent automation. With the emphasis on pushing past proof-of-concept and pilot stages, there are still technology challenges ahead, including defining priorities and goals, both strategically and operationally, as well as data-related issues. HFS Research surveyed over 300 senior enterprise leaders from Global 2000 organisations and investigated the adoption and scaling challenges of intelligent automation.
In this HFS Research report, you will discover:

  • The top strategic and operational intelligent automation goals and expectations
  • The functionalities and capabilities most needed for intelligent automation platforms
  • How enterprise leaders plan and build integrated automation capabilities within their organisations

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