Fact: around 80 percent of the data in an organisation is completely unstructured. That ‘data chasm’ can include images, web pages, hand-written documents, signatures, and even mobile content.

Presented by:
Bill Schrank
Senior Vice President, AntWorks

You’re invited to a special webinar to find out how to leverage all data types, including unstructured, to fill the data chasm – and fuel and scale your Intelligent Automation initiatives.

Process automation requires machine-readable data, but for most organisations the vast majority of data is comprised of unstructured formats machines can’t digest. Whether you are looking to start or scale an automation programme, traditional data capture options like OCR will disappoint.

This webinar will help you learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to effectively locate, extract and refine the data fuel needed to automate and transform your business processes.

  • Why consider AI technologies for intelligent data capture?

  • What AI technologies are needed?

  • Factors to consider in building the business case for intelligent automation.


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