Machine Learning

An application of AI that enables systems to learn and improve without explicit instructions or programming.

Adaptive Learning

Frequently referred to as self-learning, adaptive-learning mirrors the processes of human workers.

Reinforced Learning

Part of machine learning, reinforced learning is done by trial and error, trying different actions until the best result is discovered.

Deep Learning

An autonomous, self-teaching system, using your data to teach algorithms to find patterns and provide predictions on new data.

What’s so unique about enterprise AI?

Leveraging AI drives efficient decision making across the enterprise and provides seamless data velocity and data reinforcement with Fractal science.


ANTstein has the ability to view ‘data in motion’ to evaluate process effectiveness, identify points of failure and drive advanced operational diagnostics

ANTstein uses Fractal decomposition techniques to capture patterns of recognition and reconciliation, optimising data storage and processing information requests

ANTstein incorporates various machine learning techniques, structured and unstructured, achieving the highest level of knowledge with minimal data consumption

Enterprise AI and Machine Learning benefits your enterprise

ANTstein uses Computer Vision, Natural Language Modelling, Machine Learning and Cognitive abilities to understand processes and intelligently automate them. But how does that benefit your business?

Data certainty

Multi-format data ingestion of highly unstructured data is handled with powerful machine learning capabilities

Data digitisation and curation

NTstein enables multi-format ingestion of highly unstructured data that’s handled with our Machine Learning capabilities

Advanced operational diagnostics

NTstein empowers enterprises with accurate process insights using AI-enabled Process Discovery tools

Intelligent Digital Workforce Management

ANTstein uses Machine Learning to define cognitive frameworks and real-time Digital Workforce Management for driving BOT productivity and risk management

What do we mean by intelligence?

Achieving cognitive and intelligent process automation is a critical milestone on the roadmap to straight-through processing. To consider a process automated end-to-end (without human touch points) thinking and learning has to take place inside the solution. But what exactly do we mean by intelligence? And how can users compare the thinking/learning ability or IQ of one platform over another? It's pretty simple if you know what you’re looking for–a comprehensive list of recognized “learning” capabilities that will make one solution more intelligent than the next.

  • Machine learning
  • Adaptive learning (sometimes called self-learning)
  • Cognitive decision-making
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforced Learning
Intelligent Process

Intelligent Digital Workforce Management

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Data Digitisation and Curation

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