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The End of Manual Data processing for Insurance

NelsonHall reveals results of Cognitive Document “Bake-off” and John Hancock Manulife Reports on their Practical Experience

Global insurers are pivoting quickly to protect their bottom line and their competitive advantage. Organisational resilience is critical, as insurers seek to ingest and digitise all their unstructured and semi-structured data. The ability to make this data clean and usable is now more important than ever, determining who survives and who fails during these uncertain times. 

NelsonHall’s Mike Smart shares the findings from their recent lab tested “Bake-off” research for best-in-class tools to read, ingest and transform multi-format document and data. This research presents critical information for buyers to compare and identify straight-through processing capabilities needed for automation projects.

Chris Miller leads the Robotic Automation Solutions (RAS) Team at John Hancock Manulife insurance. During the past four years, his team implemented numerous automation solutions, but faced challenges when working with unstructured data – commonly found in insurance firms. Chris shares how John Hancock Manulife solved the upstream unstructured data challenge to enable straight-through processing automation and extending this solution worldwide.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Leverage a template-free solution to ingest and digitise all unstructured documents and transform into useable data

  • Identify key use cases for Cognitive Document Automation

  • Distinguish which technologies provide true straight-through process automation 

  • Operationalise the solution across the enterprise