Automate your email management

Email is the most common way customers communicate with organisations. AntWorks’ Email Agent automates your email management and provides:

Easier classification

Automatically organise and prioritise your emails to respond to your customers based on sentiment analysis.

Faster customer response

Read your emails and extract actionable data to automate and speed customer response.

Straight-through customer fulfilment

Use actionable data to automate downstream customer service fulfilment.

Accelerate analytics

Get a faster data feed to run your customer service analysis.

Email Agent – Key Features


With Email Agent’s intelligent email capabilities, you can accelerate interactions and gain deeper insights into your customers.


Auto classification and sentiment analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and advanced analytics understand customer intent and provide analysis with emoji identification of customer emotion/sentiment.

Actionable data availability

Extract data from emails that is available and actionable for customers service fulfilment requirements.

Easy integration

Easily and seamlessly integrate Email Agent with chatbots, case management systems, ticket management systems and other downstream RPA tools for service fulfilment.

How Email Agent benefits your business

Using advanced algorithms, Email Agent automates and streamlines communications and delivers significant benefits, including:

Higher customer satisfaction

The solution increases customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter (NPS) scores.

Faster response times

Email Agent improves turn- around time for first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT) and average response time (ART).

Non-linear scalability

Email Agent provides the ability for non-linear scalability of your email management, meeting customer service and business needs.

Enhanced privacy and data protection

Supervised Machine Learning algorithms protect email documents and data.

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