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Disrupt OCR

How and why Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) is disrupting traditional OCR

When it comes to data capture for end-to-end process automation initiatives, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) leaves up to 80 percent of unstructured data by the wayside. 

With OCR, your business can only automate some of your processes, or parts of those processes, but not all your processes. That in turn can lead to automation project roadblocks, or even failure.

In this eBook we outline why Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) is a key disruptor of OCR and is filling the unstructured data chasm. Taking a CMR approach to automation gives you a competitive edge because it can capture and curate all data to ensure the success of your business automation initiatives.

The eBook reveals:

  • 5 Key Reasons Why OCR Falls Short

  • 4 Key Benefits of CMR

  • Customer Case Studies and Industry Analyst Views

Download your copy of the DISRUPTOCR eBook today.