Exactly WHY and HOW that benefits your business

OK... so all your data is now captured... but what does that actually mean for your business? In short it means you can now do stuff like this:

  • Handle multiple data formats on a single platform: Printed, Hand writing, Table structured, check boxes/bubble boxes and image data like Notary seals/Signatures/Photos
  • Minimize quality checks by providing data certainty (which no other data ingestion tool provides today)
    • Template independent: Agnostic to varying templates
    • Zone independent: No Region of Interest needed
    • Language independent: Supports multiple languages
    • Format independent: Supports multiple file formats viz; PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG or any image sequence.
  • Achieve 80% data accuracy in the earlier stages of life cycle
  • Accelerate the learning to reach 95%+ accuracy within 3–5 months of deployment with robust Machine Learning (ML) techniques

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