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Digital Disruption for Government Agencies

According to Gartner Research “by 2023, more than 80% of the government’s digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives.”

Exacerbating this challenge is the siloed, ageing, legacy government systems, staff overburdened with manual administrative tasks and the over-reliance on physical forms and paperwork. High-quality, easily accessible data, the necessary fuel for any technology solution, is not available.

Data is a critical resource for enabling more efficient, effective government and public services that respond to citizens’ needs. Data acts as the foundation upon which everything else rests.

In Digital Disruption for Government Agencies brochure, you’ll discover

  • How traditional capture technology, like OCR, can’t digitise all data
  • How to use more of your data for your automation initiatives
  • How to identify which use cases are ideal for automation
  • Where your agency falls into the digital maturity model
  • Sample use cases and much more

Discover how to transform and digitise all your data, regardless of format, for your automation programme.

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