The unstructured data challenges

Organisations’ digital transformation journey often hits a major roadblock – the digitisation of unstructured data. AntWorks’ Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR) enables you to clear that data roadblock – and fast-track automation success. Here’s why…

Machine Vision Capability

CMR is the only data ingestion engine that meets the complex Machine Vision requirements of highly unstructured data and disparate data and document formats.

Recognise complex patterns

The AntWorks platform can deliver superior Natural Language-based classification with finite data sets, recognising complex patterns in data.

Easy configuration

Because of its easy configuration, CMR can be implemented rapidly as its engine is intelligent enough to learn from a finite and representative set of documents.

Get an edge over OCR

CMR provides a distinct edge over OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solutions–and provides more data certainty and accuracy.

Cognitive Machine Reading (CMR)

Part of the ANTsteinTM integrated automation platform, CMR is the world’s most powerful data ingestion and curation solution. It handles all types of digitised and non-digitised data, and can beat OCR hands down.

CMR Capabilities

CMR can read all types of data, including:

  • Structured

  • Unstructured

  • Images

  • Hand-printed text

  • Cursive writing

  • Signatures


CMR uses advanced pattern-based data hunting techniques, a far better approach than OCR.

Proprietary Content Based Object Retrieval (CBOR) methods ensure the highest levels of recall and accuracy.

How CMR can benefit your enterprise

Okay, so CMR has captured all your data... but what does that actually mean in terms of business benefits?

Expanded automation scope

Expand the scope of automation and address the 85% of unstructured data held in your organisation.

Increased data certainty

Increase the level of data certainty to enhance your ability to achieve straight-through processing.

Increased accuracy

Superior capture rate and 80% accuracy of captured content with consistency.

Continuous improvement

CMR continually learns your processes and enables ongoing optimisation.

Data Digitasation

key features

CMR features superior Natural Language-based classification with finite data sets, recognising complex patterns in data and overcoming the challenges of existing data ingestion and processing tools, like OCR.

  • Highly scalable: vastly improves your business case and long-term ROI due to lower number of exceptions resulting from cleaner data
  • Business Rules layer to input different business rules through an intuitive user interface
  • Elastic enough to integrate with existing workflows and downstream systems through configurable APIs
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Flexible installation models: on-premise or cloud-based
  • Robust Security - in-built credential vault and integration with industry standard CyberArk
  • Machine Learning Modules built-in to improve accuracy: supervised, adaptive, deep and reinforced learning methods
  • Pre-processing module: enhances the quality of the image for better readability, leading to cleaner data
  • Data transmission secured with TLS 1.2 and data storage encrypted with AE
  • Provides Data certainty with help of Confidence Metrics
  • Export data to downstream consumption in varied formats - CSV, JSON,XML,DB schema

“Our first implementation with CMR, we were able to realise a very high accuracy in the conversion rate. In fact, we realised more than 85 percent to be exact.”

Jason Chin

VP, Information Technology

Intelligent Digital WorkForce Management

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